Baldness and thinning hair is a hereditary trait that tends to run in families. If a parent, grandparent, or other close blood relative had this problem, chances are that you will as well. For 95 percent of men, the cause is male pattern baldness.

This condition causes hair to fall out in a predictable pattern on the top and upper sides of the scalp. Hair in the back and lower sides is genetically programmed to resist balding longer, making it ideal to act as the donor strip for Kansas City Follicular Unit Transplantation.

Women with female pattern baldness typically have a wide part line and thinning hair. This means they are not good candidates for this procedure. However, certain exceptions exist such as baldness related to chemotherapy or a severe hormone disorder. When you meet with a Kansas City FUT Surgeon, he or she will let you know the best course of treatment to grow your own hair again.

Male pattern baldness is a progressive condition, which means that it will eventually cause total or partial baldness. The time to undergo a Follicular Unit Transplant in Kansas City is while you still have healthy hair follicles on the back and sides of your scalp. Your Kansas City FUT Surgeon extracts some of these hairs and transplants them to your most prominent balding areas.

The Kansas City Follicular Unit Transplant Procedure

Kansas City Follicular Unit TransplantWhile Kansas City FUT offers promising results, the procedure is not right for everyone. When you meet with a local provider for a consultation, he or she asks several questions about your general health and hair loss history and then examines your scalp. If your doctor gives the go-ahead, the next step is to locate an area on your scalp to serve as the donor strip during surgery.

When you come in for the procedure, your Kansas City FUT Surgeon provides you with anesthesia and a light sedative before getting started. He or she then extracts the donor strip with a scalpel and sutures the wound immediately.

Some people are concerned about scarring with Kansas City FUT, but the linear scar from the procedure is very faint. All of the surgeons in this directory have the equipment and expertise to make it nearly undetectable after you have the stitches removed. Each hair follicle that your doctor obtains has either one, two, three, or four hairs each. The small size of the hair grafts means they blend in seamlessly with your remaining hair for a perfectly natural appearance after surgery.

After removing individual hair follicles from your donor strip, your Kansas City FUT Surgeon sorts them according to the number of individual hairs each one contains. He or she then makes tiny slit marks on the top of your scalp that hold each follicle in place. Your doctor places them in rows according to follicle size. He or she then places them at a precise angle while implanting them in order to restore your natural hairline.

Hair Re-Growth Expectations After Follicular Unit Transplant

Don’t be alarmed when your newly transplanted hair follicles fall out a couple of weeks after Kansas City FUT surgery. This is necessary to make way for your permanent new hair to come in around four to six months later. When your doctor transplants healthy hair follicles in your balding scalp, the process stimulates the dormant cells deep within in it to start producing healthy hair strands again. Your new hair will appear thin and fuzzy at first, but will quickly turn into thick, strong hair that covers your entire scalp.

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This directory gives you free and immediate access to the most highly qualified Kansas City FUT Surgeons. To get the process started, review several listings and make a note of providers who you might want to work with for Kansas City FUT. Next, contact each surgeon’s office to request an initial consultation. When you have decided which one you want to perform your surgery, schedule a date for the procedure and follow any pre-surgical instructions he or she provides you. When you are combing and styling your own natural hair several months from now, you will thank yourself for making this decision.

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