Hair Follicle TransplantWhen you have male pattern baldness, your hair falls out slowly over time. It starts at the crown of your scalp and eventually the entire top is bald. However, the hair on the back and sides of your scalp is much more resistant to the effects of the dihydrotestosterone hormone.

While having only half of your hair can be frustrating, this hair loss pattern is actually ideal for Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) in Kansas City. During this surgical procedure, your surgeon extracts hair from these areas and transfers it to your balding scalp.

In most cases, Kansas City Follicular Unit Extraction is not a good choice for women dealing with hair loss. That is because they don’t have the same areas of baldness contrasted with healthy hair follicles that men with male pattern baldness have. However, it may be appropriate in extreme situations such as trichotillomania. This is a psychological disorder that causes people to pull out their own hair.

Many doctors also offer Kansas City FUE for people with thin or missing eyebrows or for men who want to enhance the appearance of their facial hair. The donor hair for these mini FUE procedures typically comes from the back of the neck or behind the ears since these hairs are the same size and density as eyebrow and facial hair.

Deciding if Follicular Unit Extraction is Right for You

One reason people prefer Kansas City FUE is that the surgery doesn’t leave a scar across the back of the forehead. Even so, it’s not appropriate for everyone. Your doctor will let you know if you’re a good candidate after meeting with you to review your health history and examine your scalp. The next step is to select a non-balding area on your scalp to serve as the donor site. This is where your Kansas City FUE Surgeon will extract individual hair follicles to transfer to the balding areas on top of your scalp. The follicles that he or she removes each contain between one and four hairs to ensure seamless blending with your remaining hair.

Your surgeon uses a circular punch approximately one millimeter in diameter to retrieve the hair follicles. Because this can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive endeavor, some doctors complete the extraction portion of Kansas City FUE with a robotic arm. This increases the number of hair follicles extracted in a single day in addition to decreasing the time required for the procedure.

After your Kansas City FUE Surgeon has obtained the last follicle, he or she makes several tiny, surface-level slits on the top of your scalp. These will hold the transplanted hair follicles in place. When placing the follicles, your doctor uses precision instruments to ensure they are at the same growing angle as the rest of your hair. Since the grafts are so small, your Kansas City Follicular Unit Extraction Doctor also sorts them according to individual hair count and places them accordingly.

Kansas City FUE Surgical Hair Transplant Infographic

You are free to go home as soon as your procedure is done and the local anesthetic has worn off. You will notice several tiny red marks on the back of your scalp that will fade within a week. Most patients report little discomfort, but your doctor will go over aftercare instructions just in case. You can return to work the next business day after Kansas City FUE in most cases.

Don’t be alarmed when the hair grafts your Kansas City FUE Surgeon transplanted fall out within a few weeks. This is normal. The reason for it is that the transplant process stimulates the dormant and damaged hair follicles deep within your scalp. As they grow, they push out the hair follicles your doctor transferred from the back to the top of your scalp. Approximately six months after surgery, most patients have the full head of healthy hair they have wanted for a very long time.

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If growing your own hair again without having a surgical scar sounds like a dream, we assure you that it’s possible with Kansas City Follicular Unit Extraction. You may have inherited the gene for hair loss, but you don’t have to go bald if you don’t want to. To get the process of hair re-growth started, review our listings of doctors who have years of experience with Follicular Unit Extraction in Kansas City.

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